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The AR.RI.VI (Archivio Ricerca Visiva / The Archive for Research in the Visual Arts) is a non-profit cultural organization founded in Milan, in 2007, by a group of young artists and researchers with the goal of gathering material on the visual arts in Italy in the Seventies and Eighties. Their aim was not only to build an archive for future research but also to demonstrate how between these two decades, which are often thought of as opposed, there exists a clear continuity in many of the works.

The artists themselves of that period, as well as art critics and gallerists are invited to collaborate in the creation of this archive by providing photos, books, catalogues, videos, memories, and recollections. The Archive is in part digital, in part the material products themselves, and is constantly being updated and regularly consulted by young people as well as scholars. Moreover, the archive is linked to the sites of the artists themselves as well as to various cultural associations, art foundations, and both national and international organizations.

Aside from the Archive, the association organizes meetings, art exhibitions, book presentations, and brings together a rich assortment of artists from different generations as well as students of art and art afficionados.

The history, or at least an awareness of the art of a recent past has thus become a basis for an understanding of the present as well as planning for the future. The theme of the group’s research, both in the realm of the visual arts as well as in that of other modes of vision (photography, reporting, etc.), is central here, as is the comparison between different disciplines, in order to renew the tools and instruments we need to decodify the images we work with.